Things we should know about the corporate floral arrangements

Corporate floral arrangements in Singapore

Fresh flowers and custom plantings provide the image of success for our business. Our corporate office has only one initial chance to impress clients and visitors. When they first arrive at a business, flowers exhibit a silent message that we are above the rest and have the resources to enjoy simple luxuries. Custom designed flowers will create an experience and set the tone for the overall impression they will leave with.

Flowers and plants can be arranged in a way to add character, color and the sense of a warm environment, which will highlight the architecture and setting of our unique space. We supply many well-known corporate offices, hotels, retailers, restaurants, bars and luxury residences with our unique and custom work to highlight key areas, and perhaps hide any eyesores.

We offer a range of corporate floral and plant delivery and preservation services, ranging from welcoming reception displays packed with color and texture to unusual long lasting planted arrangements that bring creativity and inspiration to any environment. Set our company apart from our custom-fit style!


There are many benefits that come from subscribing to our corporate services – be it plant rotations or weekly flower delivery service – from cost savings to using only high-quality premium flowers sourced from around the world. What is more; we receive personal service from a dedicated account designer. Here’s a quick look at the highlights of working with us:

Reduced prices: Significant discount on price per stem compared to retail.

Premium floral: Our team of designers will create stunning floral and plant displays catered to the surrounding environment, using the world’s highest quality stems and plants.

No charge for vases:  Complimentary use of our vases that will be swapped out by our team every rotation. Enjoy changing styles at no cost to us.

Dedicated account designer: We will be assigned a floral designer who will create and oversee all work performed for the account.

Provide our information and needs below and a member of our team will contact you in regards to an appointment to discuss the options of interior landscape plantings or fresh floral arrangements on a weekly or monthly basis. One designer will be the contact for our account, creating ideas, arrangements and scheduling any needed maintenance for our individual account.

Tips on floral arrangements and how to keep flowers fresh

  • Keep cut flowers in a chill place that does not get direct sunlight, packing them slackly in a box generously line with moist greens.
  • Always carry cut flowers with the heads down. That way there is less chance of heavy-headed flowers bending off or breaking off.
  • Before arranging the flowers, make sure that the vases have been washed well. A mixture of water, salt, and vinegar removes stains from flower vases as well as unpleasant smell. If the smell is really bad to leave the mixture overnight.
  • Put a spoonful of charcoal, ammonia or salt in the water to minimize the growth of bacteria which causes flower stems to deteriorate fast.
  • For flowers to last long, don’t crowd them in one vase to avoid choking the stems which can cause the flowers to wither fast.
  • To revive wilting flowers, snip off an inch of the stem under water, leave in a cool dark place for a few hours in a bucket of water.
  • Cut half an inch of the stems from the bottom daily and change the water to make the flower arrangements last longer. To find out more about our flower bouquet delivery in Singapore click here.


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More Wonderful Wedding Canopy and Arch Ideas:

Wedding arch Singapore structures that may be moved efficaciously either in parts or whole, made from metal, wood or flower additives and holds sturdily on its rich bowed legs. The arch is an image of the destiny domestic the woman and puts together will begin their circle of relatives in. It facilitates us to recollect the Jewish or chuppah. The exacting interpretation of “chuppah” is cool or “insurance” and assigns the shelter the Jewish couple stays under amid their wedding feature.

  • Utilize an extensive festoon and connect bundles of white blooms and collection of globules to make pleasant and striking surroundings.
  • Investigate this stunning wedding arch with bunches of wealthy blossoms and pearl necklaces and gems, this wedding arch is essentially a festoon embellished with gemstones and an aggregate of quite blooms.
  • Locate the perfect tree for your wedding arch and that is all you may require. With a tree this flawless, we are persuaded that it must be the tree of life and love!
  • Benefit as a whole lot as possible from nature, via setting your site visitors below a wonderful tree like this one, with a few considerable white lamps swung from its branches.
  • A fantastic wedding ceremony curve with a mix of blossoms leaves and white curtains.
  • This bloom full wedding ceremony arch with gemstones and segments of dried twigs makes a beautiful impact.
  • These simple wooden pillars are spruced up with bunches of tasty blossoms to make a botanical impact.
  • Coordinating your marriage bunch, make a touch wedding ceremony curve with strings of the brightest blossoms to your package deal to make a ladylike and mawkish impact.

Wedding flowers:

The flowers have been ended up being pretty conventional with the girl of the hour to be. All colors, shapes, sizes and surfaces were utilized to make some outstanding botanical outlines, especially neighborhood wedding bunches. Flowers can likewise be utilized to make buttonholes, corsages, flowers crowns, desk publications of movement and expansive scale botanical institutions. Their best excellent would want to be that they are so generous. Such a big variety of women, by and large, start to look all starry eyed at completely sensitive plant life that goes away wedding flower specialists like me traumatic on occasion in warm summer season warm. Church wedding flower Singapore is one of the important purposes of a wedding so selecting the right ones is crucial. The extensive collection of brilliant blooms takes into consideration highlights for the duration of the provider, clothing, and gathering. To commend this active time, purples, blues and pinks are the most mainstream hues for springtime features. On the off hazard that these shades appear like excessively essential to your flavor, don’t stress. Differing sun shades of those colors will let you personalize all elements of your day, which can be joined into the blossoms, as well as enhancements, apparel and desk settings too. Regardless of the shading palette, you pick out you may wager there may be blooms to coordinate perfectly.


Above all else, it’s imperative to observe that there are diverse styles of flower providers and administrations on hand accessible:

RETAIL FLORIST: These are the street stores you notice wherein you could forestall for a bunch of roses. They are stunning assets for little requests and matters yet aren’t commonly prepared for or regular to adjusting full events. At times those shops will do memorial carrier show portions, yet ordinarily, they’re no longer who you need to apply to your wedding.

FLORAL DESIGNER: This is your standard wedding ceremony flower vendor. The character who has a few understanding in innovatively becoming a member of extraordinary blossoms into bunches boutonnieres, centerpieces, and stylistic subject matters for your event. They are for the maximum component resourceful/masterful folks that can regulate their fashion to the occasion they are chipping away at (or in all likelihood, they should be, but more on that during a moment). When you work with a botanical planner you’re paying for his or her blooms, their administrations, and their imaginative aesthetics.

FULL-SERVICE EVENT/FLORAL DESIGNER: There may be a few hybrids amongst this and the selection above. When you figure with a full-gain originator like this, you take a gander on the alternative to getting your blossoms, in addition to candles, desk numbers, paper merchandise, and something other stylistic subject pieces you may want. These great successful craftsmen are normally maximum supportive on the off hazard that you have plan thoughts regarding your occasion, but, require help executing, and would as an alternative work with one character on every closing little bit of it.

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