What are the benefits of dog day care?       

The dog boarding industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years as more and more dog owners are realizing how much of a fun and healthy experience a dog boarding facility can be. Boarding facilities. They also understand the advantages of professional dog boarding and know the benefits far outweigh the risks of travelling with your dog or leaving him behind at home. Like people, some dogs handle change better than others. So, even though your little buddy may like going to the park or trips to the beach, you may want to think twice about taking him with you to some far off destination. If you cannot risk putting your dog in the pet cargo area or leaving him alone at home with an occasional visit from a friend or sitter, dog boarding may definitely be the way to go. If you’re pondering the idea of boarding your dog the next time you leave town, here are some more benefits to consider.

Your Dog’s Safety              

Whether you decide to travel with your dog or leave him at home, his safety should be at the forefront of your mind and your primary concern. Your dog may love sticking his head out the window during afternoon drives, but travelling long distances in a car brings with it a myriad of risks. Do not even get me started on flying with your dog and the anxiety of being stuck in a plane’s cargo hull! You may love your dog and want him by your side at all times, but   best dog day care in Singapore eliminates these risks and the stress involved with taking him with you. At a professional doggy care and boarding facility, you can rest assured safety will be the number one priority.

Medical Care

Some dogs require medical attention and care. If you go out of town and leave your canine pal in the care of a friend or family member, you will never truly have the peace of mind in knowing he is being properly cared for. The experienced staff at a quality dog boarding facility will ensure your dog is properly given any medication according to the vet’s instructions and any other care they may need. This allows you to relax on vacation knowing your dog is in great hands.

Diet and Exercise

The experienced staff at The Wags Club or another reputable dog boarding facility will provide your dog with a healthy diet and ensure he is staying properly hydrated at all times. In addition to maintaining a healthy appetite and diet, there is typically plenty of playtimes as well. In fact, many facilities have large indoor and outdoor play spaces complete with swimming pools, treadmills, and all. Therefore, when you board your dog, you can rest assured he will get quite a bit of exercise stay healthy while you’re away.

Best of all, dogs at boarding facilities get to socialize and play with other dogs. Even the staff gets involved with various activities. With so much to offer, your dog will feel like it’s on vacation as well.

Comfortable Boarding Arrangements

Today’s first-class dog boarding facilities also provide posh accommodations and comfortable sleeping areas for each of their honoured guests. Many boarding facilities also offer bathing, grooming, and training services. With air conditioning and a number of other amenities also commonly provided, there are plenty of reasons to choose one of these facilities over the alternatives the next time you skip town for a few days.

So, breathe a big sigh of relief and buy those plane tickets the mountains this summer. You can travel anywhere you want, relax, and enjoy your getaway knowing your dog is in great hands and having a terrific time too!

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What Should a Groomer Look for When Health Checking a Dog?

Health checking by Groomers             

Dog groomers often have the chance to do a health check on a dog and might help provide early detection of things which can get extra critical. It is always important to remember that you aren’t a qualified vet. Although you may have a good idea of what is wrong you ought to continually recommend a vet in Singapore that owners seek a vet’s advice.

The contents of this article cover unit 4 of City & Guilds Level 3 Dog Grooming

Ear Examination and Cleaning

Most dogs end up with dirty ears and this can without problems be addressed by the use of baby/dog ear wipes or an ear cleanser and cotton wool.

Particular problems to look out for are.

Very hairy ears

  • Can cause a lots or earwax to build up
  • Makes it difficult to administer ear cleanser or ear drops


  • Trim the ears with scissors
  • Pluck using Groomers Ear Powder and tweezers/ palms

Very red ears or sore ears

  • Can be a sign of an ear infection


  • Use a Ph balanced ear wash and gently clean with cotton wool
  • Alert owner of the problem and suggest that a trip to the vets may be important.

Smelly Ears/ Discharge

  • Can be a sign of an ear contamination


  • Use a pH balanced ear wash and lightly clean with cotton wool
  • The alert proprietor of the problem and advice that a trip to the vets can be necessary.

Scratched Ears/ Red spots on ears

  • Can be a signal of fleas, ear mites or different parasites.


  • Check for any signs of parasites
  • Use flea shampoo/ flea comb
  • Alert owner that dog will need remedy and to see a vet
  • Make certain that the groom location and gadget is very well cleaned before grooming subsequent dog

Nose Care

Generally, you ought not to worry about clear nostril discharge in dog except it lingers or there are other symptoms. However, discharge that is cloudy, yellow, inexperienced, or stinky is always caused by the situation.

Discharge can be a signal of:-

  • Allergies
  • Blockage
  • Infection
  • Polyps and Tumors

Eye Care

Examination of the eyes is important. Many dogs will have a nap discharge. This can be saved to a minimum by means of trimming around the eyes. Cleaning with a baby or dog eye wipe must clear away the discharge. If there has been a mainly awful building up across the eyes, it can be beneficial to soak this whilst in the tub to soften and then use the wipes.

Problems you must be looking for when checking a dog eyes are

  • Do they appear distinct in any way?
  • Is there any puss or discharge?
  • Cloudy eyes?
  • Red around the Iris?

These might be signs and symptoms of infection or different problems. The owner should be notified and you recommend that they could take them to the vet for a thorough examination.

Mouth Care

Check the mouth for irritation, gum infections, tartar build up, tenderness, loss of teeth and bad breath.

Teeth may be cleaned with a toothbrush and dog toothpaste or dog dental wipes. There are several products available for bad breath which you can desire to advise to the proprietor.

For heavy building up of tartar or every other problem concerning the mouth, a ride to the vets ought to be advocating the proprietor.

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How to Find the Right Dog Food?  

For those with the dog, food is among the biggest desires that should be well taken care of. Your bushy friend has nutritional requirements that have to be met. Of route, you would want to strike stability by providing food that he likes and food that is good for him.

Today, you will be overwhelmed with the aid of the numerous dog food alternatives within the market nowadays. To help you to determine the great alternatives and absolutely value the importance of good food, experts have shared some tips for buying the best dog food in Singapore.

A Simple Guide to Buying Food for Dogs

Feed by nature – Dogs before were wild in order that they, in particular, eat live animals. This means that they consume uncooked animal meat and bones, organs, tissues, and hair. They also eat plant matter in small amounts. But today, domesticated dogs have advanced to be carnivorous, whilst also consuming those fit for omnivores.

Puppy to adult – Puppies actually need to feed on their mother milk, much like any kind of mammal. At about 8-12 weeks of existence, they will start weaning off the milk and begin eating solid food. As your puppy turns into a person, you will find that there are one-of-a-kind styles of food that they need to eat to make certain properly health. It is exceedingly endorsed which you take your pet to a dependable vet to benefit valuable advice regarding good food to feed him based totally on his health status, age, and specific conditions.

Home-prepared or commercial puppy food – Most pet owners are frequently confronted with 2 alternatives. You can both feed the dog raw or cooked meats or with commercial pet food from the store. Choosing which type of food to present him will rely on the dog’s specific necessities.

Bear in mind that no dogs may have comparable nutritional wishes. Hence, it’s miles very important with the intention to consult your vet about the right food regimen to observe. You will recognize that your puppy is consuming right if he has an everyday power degree and appetite, fresh breath, easy tooth and ears, a sleek coat, no elimination troubles, not itching, and a normal precise disposition and mindset. If your dog is healthful, you will see that he could be very happy.

Some Foods to Avoid

As plenty as you want you are a pet to eat nutritious food that he truly enjoys consuming, you need to be very careful in no longer giving him food that can be toxic. Some of the food you need to no longer provide your pet will include garlic, avocado, chocolate, raisins and grapes, espresso or any product with caffeine, citrus fruits, mushrooms, corn cobs, green or unripe tomatoes, salt and seasonings, and nuts.

Fresh dog food in Singapore

Not as common as it uses to be however uncooked feeding seems to be making a comet lower back with an increasing number of dog owners and breeders advocating that pet cannot nicely digest grains. That is real to certain quantity for the reason that dog’s digestive device wasn’t made to devour processed or cooked food. Raw feeding is far more complicated than common feeding with dry or canned food and it’s far really helpful to have the supervision of a veterinary.

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Dog Daycare: Cage or Cage-Free?

Your pooch is precious, and, just like the presence of a preschooler, you are determined to find the best facility in town! There is a great debate over which is the best type of dog daycare: cage or cage-free.

Cage-free dog daycare                  

If your dog is in need of supervision and/or socialization AND your dog is commonly well behaved and comfortable in a pack of other dogs, then it’s probable that a cage-free daycare can be a very good option.  Here, the dog has the freedom to run and play with friends (both dog and people) and can accomplish that in a neutral territory without restricting.

Some cage-free facilities separate their dogs by sizes.  Personally, I feel that if a business chooses to separate their clients, then it’s best to do so base on temperament rather than size or breed due to the fact balancing energy creates a more harmonious environment.  The amount of space and exercise a dog calls for has little to go along with his/her size – just ask the owners of a Jack Russell Terrier.


No dog is created same, and for the cases that require or simply enjoy more structure, turning to a daycare with scheduled confinement may be a better option.  In this type of daycare, dogs are still allowed to run with friends and explore the exercise yard during playtime.  Dogs also are scheduled rest periods in a cage or kennel, which can be beneficial, as it encourages dogs to exercise being alone. The goal here is not to exhaust the dog, but to teach him or her that it’s okay to socialize with buddies and periodically take breaks. If your dog spends time alone at home, teaching your dog this distinctive feature should save you from some destructive behaviors.


If you plan to board your dog, strive to utilize the same facility’s daycare. This way, your pet can slowly acclimate to being far from you for longer periods of time and might come to be more familiar with that particular setting.

Do not be discouraged in case your dog is hesitant about being in an odd place without you for the first few times. Give him/her a respectable trial length and if they need be, try another facility. Sometimes it is the dynamic of the dog group that may make or smash an experience for a rookie daycare dog.

Owners are frequently taken aback to learn that dog personality can adjust whilst separated from their human pack.  Some dog relishes the division at the same time as others stress with confusion.  Mild pressure is normal and over time it’s likely that the dog will adapt and even enjoy attending daycare.

Daycare is not suggested if you and your dog are training unless it’s a program that your daycare practices. Training is at the discretion of the business owners and may be offered in each cage and cage-free environments.

If your dog has any potential behavior issues, a cage-free environment is in all likelihood to show you away, as it may be a liability to have a reactive dog in that setting.  For the advantage of you and your pet, a structured system can be more perfect for a special needs dog.

To know more about safe indoor dog daycare in Singapore click here.

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Top Characteristics of a Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter 

Have you done your research on pet care organization which you are approximate to hire to walk your dog each day?

Here are Characteristics to consider while hiring a dog walker or pet sitter.

A Professional Runs a Legitimate Business.

These days, each person can say they are a dog walker, but a trusted dog walkers in Singapore and Pet Sitter is strolling a real business.  An expert dog walking company jogging a valid business should have:

  • A website
  • Be a registered enterprise with the authorities
  • An Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Be able to give statistics on who works for them
  • Plenty of references from contemporary and previous clients
  • Their touch records listed publicly as a commercial enterprise
  • A proper billing and account control system in the region to keep your account facts and facts in your home, your puppy and pet care desires.

Professional Hires Employees

Do you realize what the distinction is between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?  Do you already know what it way to you?

When a company hires an Independent Contractor (IC’s), they may be farming exercise session to different puppy sitters and dog walkers that run their personal smaller pet sitting enterprise. IC’s have their people policies and rules for matters and the organization has little manage over their body of workers and the way they run.

When an enterprise hires Employees, the corporation is providing better response to their clients and their pets.  With employees, a business enterprise is capable of the display screen; background takes a look at and teaches their team of workers with right regulations, techniques and organizational core values with the intention to give your puppy with the fine care possible.

A Professional has Workman’s Compensation

Do you recognize the importance of Workman’s Compensation and how a dog Walker or puppy sitter’s damage may want to affect you?   An expert dog on foot or puppy sitting company ensures that each in their body of workers is properly covered with Workman’s Compensation so that if of an emergency, the injured workforce can acquire proper hospital treatment.

A Professional Can Provide References and Testimonials

You should not dig difficult for references and testimonials from the agency.  An expert has to be able to offer you with references from contemporary and previous clients.  They need to additionally be able to give you diverse testimonials.  Perhaps you can discover them on Yelp! Facebook, Google+ or maybe their very own internet site.

A Professional Communicates with their Customers

You should not need to wonder whether or no not your puppy changed into cared for properly.  Trusty Tails Pet Care makes use of Precise Pet Care for all scheduling and communications between sitter and consumer.  Trusty Tails staff is a ready era that gives you with a proven GPS map of the walker/sister’s arrival and departure.  A professional commercial enterprise has to additionally have clear commercial enterprise hours, answer the telephone and reply to an email in your emails in a well-timed way.

A Professional Has a Backup Plan

Let’s face it, things show up.  Blizzards seem. People get ill.  Public transportation can be behind schedule.  An automobile can destroy down.  Relatives pass away.  An expert dog walker or pet sitter has a plan in place when these things appear so your pet gets the right care she desires and your dog nonetheless gets his walk on time.

A Professional Offers Excellent Customer Service

An expert pet care employer is there to help and make your life less difficult and your puppy’s life happier when you could not be there.

A Professional Pays Taxes to the State and Federal Government

Let’s face it, no one likes to pay taxes, but a professional dog walker does things “at the file”, has an EIN measure and will pay their taxes responsibly to the ‘massive man’ similar to every other valid commercial enterprise.

A Professional is Responsible and has a True Passion for Animals

And after, we will neglect the significance of obligation and the affection of animals.  A Professional has a Proven Track Record of Responsibility.  How long have they been in a commercial enterprise? The Rate for pet sitting in Singapore is nicely established and has demonstrated their real love of animals.


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