What is a water closet?

Water Closet Singapore is a ceramic sanitary ware product that’s used as a bathroom. This form of bathrooms is more hygiene and easy to clean. The Toilet which can be designed to take a sit is known as water closets. Normally sitting peak of the water closet could be 400mm (16 inches) from the floor. This sitting height 400 mm (16 inches) isn’t going to be usually the same but it’s a standard top desired while designing a water closet restroom. Water closet will be connected to a tank for flushing the waste. The tank may be ceramic made or plastic made. Mostly the plastic seat and cover will attach with the water closets. The minimum lifestyles of the seat cover will be around 10,000 usages. The Seats and covers are normally fabricated from polypropylene or polyurethane.

Water closet may be connected to the drainage the use of rubber water sealant (gasket) and it will likely be constant in the wall or ground the usage of fittings. Then water tank can be connected to the tank by way of a plastic pipe. The water tank may be connected to the water pipeline. At whenever a person flushes the tank, water could be flushed out by the drainage. And the water may be stuffed in the tank by water pipeline. Adrift transfer can be to be had inside the tank which usually helps to hold a water level. Normally water tank capacity could be 6 liters to 10 liters.

Fittings & Accessories for Water Closet:

When you buy a water closet usually a few Fittings & Accessories can be to be had with the package. They are,

1) Seat Cover with fittings

2) Floor mount Fittings or Wall mount fittings

3) Flushing mechanism with Tank.

4) Water sealant (Gasket).

Production of Water Closet:

Water Closets are synthetic in sanitary ware industries. The water closet is ceramic material fired at above 1200 diploma Celsius (2192 Fahrenheit). The material used to produce the lavatories is sand, feldspar & clay. Desired bathroom design could be produced by the usage of plaster of Paris mold. Once the design is made it’s far dried. Then it is required color glaze is sprayed at the piece and sent to the firing. Once firing finishes the restroom could be examined and dispatched to packing.

Seat & Cover With fittings:

A seat and cover will be available with the water closet. Fittings will also be to be had with the field.

Various Designs of Water Closets:

1) Standard water closet.

2) One piece water closet.

3) Two-piece water closet.

4) Wall hung water closet.

5) ‘S’ trap water closet.

6) ‘P’ entice water closet

Water Closet fine exams:

After production water closet under are going a few best checks. It has to pass the test in any other case that water closet isn’t always excellent to be used. Some of the tests are, FLUSH TEST

The water closet must fulfill the necessities of the test. These exams are:

  5. a) Double Ball test
  6. b) Fifty Ball Test

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