What is your favorite music?

We all have our favored genre when it comes to music. That is because the songs we listen to bring out all sorts of feelings and memories. An upbeat love song can easily make you feel happy, as it reminds you of your first date with your fiancé, while classic music can make you warm and fuzzy, as it reminds you of his romantic proposal. Music is an essential part of any event, especially marriages, as it sets the mood of the occasion. We want to help you find the right music for your “I do” moment so we have scoured the country to find the wedding live band in Singapore for your Bridal. Flare of the Forest is composed of Chinese Singaporean Brothers that performs a range of an electric choice of genres. Their range contains Classical Indian, Jazz, and Pop covers. They also have their very own structures using Sitar. In addition to their main instrument Tabla, they also use other subsidiary Ethnic instruments that enable them to exclusively combine interracial flavor to their music.

Couples love their uniqueness that is why from having two members, the band has already extended for members and thoughts. Now, this band has three string instruments, a drummer, a keyboardist, and accompanying vocalist that will confidently bring extra excitement and energy to your bridal celebration. Where would you like to be transported on your bridal day? In a beautiful beach in the tropics, perhaps? Maybe, in awonderful city or would you rather be in a different time. They are experts in playing for themed marriages, after all. They can even tailor their playlist to fit your theme and idea.

Do you prefer melody?

Melodic Touch comprises of a team of full-time expert musicians and live entertainers, selected from veterans in the industry with at least 10 years of performing knowledge, and only those who are very passionate in their craft. Their team brings a wide genre of music and entertainment provided to your requests such as personalized song lists and special themed marriages. Dedication slips are also handed out to guests, ensuring the best entertainer, audience interaction you can ever have! We  have performed for hundreds of marriages with an overwhelming positive feedback response. Be it simple and elegant or fun and lively, this will be your best bet for your bridal live band!

The new bar and live music location finds its home in Pan Pacific Hotel, and boasts an aesthetic that’s part-suave, part-grimy. On one end, you will spot sleek couches resting against cabinets showing chic ‘individual belongings’ of Lulu that ooze with class and charm, while on the other, you will be mesmerised by raw brick walls stained by graffiti and ultraviolet writings. And to top off the ambience, there will be nightly live jazz gigs and top-notch DJ sets rotating everything from hip-hop to dancehall. While most other overcrowding haunts get rowdy with renditions of radio favas, Crazy Elephant sticks to the steadfast tradition of blues. But no, it is not sad and mopey here; Crazy Elephant features resident bands that infuse blues with good rock & roll. To get live band for your wedding click here.





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