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To know exactly where and how far to walk, how long to wait for your line, and how many stops are left with Get Off Notifications and use Directions to travel Woodlands Sports Hall. We will alert you when it’s time to get off no need to constantly re check whether yours is the next stop. For further growth it gets tapped on the woodland region as an alternate path from attracting a sizable among the residents in the community. We continue to expand its programme donations at its services to enlarge its market section. It has never been so easy. To get clear and specific directions as you travel from your current location of a leading hold at any major public station to the designation kindly call us. To get to Woodlands Sports Hall View detailed routes on a map, see bus and train schedules, arrival times, and service alerts so you know exactly how you can reach the designation in the easiest way.

HDB announced the relocation of some 147 flats under the SERS program. These flats were located in blocks 1A-6A along Woodlands Centre Road. Also affected by the move were some 197 rental shops/ eating houses/ offices and 78 cooked food stalls under NEA’s management.  The same announcement mentioned a future hawker centre to replace the affected stalls.  On Aug 5, 2017, the Property Guru website reported a new $31.1 million project to be built in the open space next to Woodlands Sports Hall and remarketed by Woodlands Street 12 and Woodlands Ave 3. Facilities in this hub include food stalls (80), commercial schools (5), retail shops (60) and parking for 200 cars. Road works will also be carried out to cater for the expected increase in traffic. This new hub will Ensure that there are sufficient food stalls in the area and will be the second NEA managed hawker centre in Woodlands.


  • 4 x Badminton courts
  • Full size Basketball court
  • Netball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Multi-sport electronic scoreboard
  • Gymnastics zone including trampolining, tumbling & apparatus

Fight Fear, Swim Confidently

When we first carried out a quick survey and discovered that over 70% of locals did not know how to swim. Our heart is to do our part to prevent these accidents by providing effectual swimming lessons controls by expert teacher.

Flexible and Reliable

From six months’ young to sixty years old, from the underwater bubble blower to the competitive swimmer, every learner is given the same amount of attention. Teachers are well versed not only in swim methodologies and they are also intuitive to mould existing teaching curriculum that will be appropriate for an individual’s learning aptitude and progress. We adhere strictly to a 1:1 ratio for all our students. It provides an effortless bonding opportunity between parent and child. In the presence of parents or family members significantly reduces any anxieties the child might have at the onset. A simple session in the waters may double up and act as a stress reliever. To know more about  the service of our firm click here.


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