What are the benefits of dog day care?       

The dog boarding industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years as more and more dog owners are realizing how much of a fun and healthy experience a dog boarding facility can be. Boarding facilities. They also understand the advantages of professional dog boarding and know the benefits far outweigh the risks of travelling with your dog or leaving him behind at home. Like people, some dogs handle change better than others. So, even though your little buddy may like going to the park or trips to the beach, you may want to think twice about taking him with you to some far off destination. If you cannot risk putting your dog in the pet cargo area or leaving him alone at home with an occasional visit from a friend or sitter, dog boarding may definitely be the way to go. If you’re pondering the idea of boarding your dog the next time you leave town, here are some more benefits to consider.

Your Dog’s Safety              

Whether you decide to travel with your dog or leave him at home, his safety should be at the forefront of your mind and your primary concern. Your dog may love sticking his head out the window during afternoon drives, but travelling long distances in a car brings with it a myriad of risks. Do not even get me started on flying with your dog and the anxiety of being stuck in a plane’s cargo hull! You may love your dog and want him by your side at all times, but   best dog day care in Singapore eliminates these risks and the stress involved with taking him with you. At a professional doggy care and boarding facility, you can rest assured safety will be the number one priority.

Medical Care

Some dogs require medical attention and care. If you go out of town and leave your canine pal in the care of a friend or family member, you will never truly have the peace of mind in knowing he is being properly cared for. The experienced staff at a quality dog boarding facility will ensure your dog is properly given any medication according to the vet’s instructions and any other care they may need. This allows you to relax on vacation knowing your dog is in great hands.

Diet and Exercise

The experienced staff at The Wags Club or another reputable dog boarding facility will provide your dog with a healthy diet and ensure he is staying properly hydrated at all times. In addition to maintaining a healthy appetite and diet, there is typically plenty of playtimes as well. In fact, many facilities have large indoor and outdoor play spaces complete with swimming pools, treadmills, and all. Therefore, when you board your dog, you can rest assured he will get quite a bit of exercise stay healthy while you’re away.

Best of all, dogs at boarding facilities get to socialize and play with other dogs. Even the staff gets involved with various activities. With so much to offer, your dog will feel like it’s on vacation as well.

Comfortable Boarding Arrangements

Today’s first-class dog boarding facilities also provide posh accommodations and comfortable sleeping areas for each of their honoured guests. Many boarding facilities also offer bathing, grooming, and training services. With air conditioning and a number of other amenities also commonly provided, there are plenty of reasons to choose one of these facilities over the alternatives the next time you skip town for a few days.

So, breathe a big sigh of relief and buy those plane tickets the mountains this summer. You can travel anywhere you want, relax, and enjoy your getaway knowing your dog is in great hands and having a terrific time too!

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