What Should a Groomer Look for When Health Checking a Dog?

Health checking by Groomers             

Dog groomers often have the chance to do a health check on a dog and might help provide early detection of things which can get extra critical. It is always important to remember that you aren’t a qualified vet. Although you may have a good idea of what is wrong you ought to continually recommend a vet in Singapore that owners seek a vet’s advice.

The contents of this article cover unit 4 of City & Guilds Level 3 Dog Grooming

Ear Examination and Cleaning

Most dogs end up with dirty ears and this can without problems be addressed by the use of baby/dog ear wipes or an ear cleanser and cotton wool.

Particular problems to look out for are.

Very hairy ears

  • Can cause a lots or earwax to build up
  • Makes it difficult to administer ear cleanser or ear drops


  • Trim the ears with scissors
  • Pluck using Groomers Ear Powder and tweezers/ palms

Very red ears or sore ears

  • Can be a sign of an ear infection


  • Use a Ph balanced ear wash and gently clean with cotton wool
  • Alert owner of the problem and suggest that a trip to the vets may be important.

Smelly Ears/ Discharge

  • Can be a sign of an ear contamination


  • Use a pH balanced ear wash and lightly clean with cotton wool
  • The alert proprietor of the problem and advice that a trip to the vets can be necessary.

Scratched Ears/ Red spots on ears

  • Can be a signal of fleas, ear mites or different parasites.


  • Check for any signs of parasites
  • Use flea shampoo/ flea comb
  • Alert owner that dog will need remedy and to see a vet
  • Make certain that the groom location and gadget is very well cleaned before grooming subsequent dog

Nose Care

Generally, you ought not to worry about clear nostril discharge in dog except it lingers or there are other symptoms. However, discharge that is cloudy, yellow, inexperienced, or stinky is always caused by the situation.

Discharge can be a signal of:-

  • Allergies
  • Blockage
  • Infection
  • Polyps and Tumors

Eye Care

Examination of the eyes is important. Many dogs will have a nap discharge. This can be saved to a minimum by means of trimming around the eyes. Cleaning with a baby or dog eye wipe must clear away the discharge. If there has been a mainly awful building up across the eyes, it can be beneficial to soak this whilst in the tub to soften and then use the wipes.

Problems you must be looking for when checking a dog eyes are

  • Do they appear distinct in any way?
  • Is there any puss or discharge?
  • Cloudy eyes?
  • Red around the Iris?

These might be signs and symptoms of infection or different problems. The owner should be notified and you recommend that they could take them to the vet for a thorough examination.

Mouth Care

Check the mouth for irritation, gum infections, tartar build up, tenderness, loss of teeth and bad breath.

Teeth may be cleaned with a toothbrush and dog toothpaste or dog dental wipes. There are several products available for bad breath which you can desire to advise to the proprietor.

For heavy building up of tartar or every other problem concerning the mouth, a ride to the vets ought to be advocating the proprietor.

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