Our amazing bridal flower tips

Choosing our bridal flowers in Singapore is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But it is not as simple as picking our favorite flowers and requesting them in our wedding colors. These basics will aid us to get up to speed so we can talk flowers with our florist and get the look we are after.

 Do our homework before meeting a florist

Take some time to build out what we like, and learn what it is called before we start talking to florists. There are two main things we will want to know: the names of flowers and floral terms, like kinds of bouquets, arrangements and other details.

Let our venue influence our floral

Our wedding locale will seriously influence our floral decisions. If for example, we are marrying in a park, botanical garden or vineyard, the flowers can be kept to a minimum (meaning we can make a big impression with fewer flowers). Opt for preparations that look like they belong: Clusters of wildflowers may look out of place in a formal ballroom the same way a glam grouping of all-white orchids would not seem right in a rustic setting. Keep in mind our table configuration too (round tables versus long farm tables), which can help influence the shape and style of our centerpieces.

Talk to other couples about their florists

One of the best ways to find our florist is by word of mouth — ask for suggestions from newlyweds we know to read reviews and browses wedding magazines. If we are working with a wedding planner or a wedding pro coordinator, they must have some suggestions for area florists. Set up appointments with a short list of florists, so we can connect in person and view a portfolio of their work. We will want to book somebody six to eight months out. Florists book up fast, particularly if we are getting married in peak season (May to September), so start vetting them alongside some of our other professionals early in the process and lock one in as soon as we can.

All florists are not the same

This sounds strange, but what it means is there are different types of wedding pros who deal with flowers. Do we want someone who will not only make our arrangements but also help design the look of our reception tables and ceremony aisle? A florist designer is probably more our speed. Already have a planner or an eye for design? Then a usual florist will likely do the trick. Figure out which is the best fit — this will help us narrow our search and determine our budget (floral designers generally cost more than florists).

We need to show, not just tell

Images are way more telling than words. Bring our inspirations boards, a bridesmaid dress fabric swatch and a photograph of our wedding gown. This will cue our florist in on the look we are after from the start. Keep in mind: Our florist will totally appreciate snapshots that reflect our style but do not expect exact replicas of what lives on our inspiration board. To find out more about our anniversary flowers in Singapore check here.

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