Top Characteristics of a Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter 

Have you done your research on pet care organization which you are approximate to hire to walk your dog each day?

Here are Characteristics to consider while hiring a dog walker or pet sitter.

A Professional Runs a Legitimate Business.

These days, each person can say they are a dog walker, but a trusted dog walkers in Singapore and Pet Sitter is strolling a real business.  An expert dog walking company jogging a valid business should have:

  • A website
  • Be a registered enterprise with the authorities
  • An Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Be able to give statistics on who works for them
  • Plenty of references from contemporary and previous clients
  • Their touch records listed publicly as a commercial enterprise
  • A proper billing and account control system in the region to keep your account facts and facts in your home, your puppy and pet care desires.

Professional Hires Employees

Do you realize what the distinction is between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?  Do you already know what it way to you?

When a company hires an Independent Contractor (IC’s), they may be farming exercise session to different puppy sitters and dog walkers that run their personal smaller pet sitting enterprise. IC’s have their people policies and rules for matters and the organization has little manage over their body of workers and the way they run.

When an enterprise hires Employees, the corporation is providing better response to their clients and their pets.  With employees, a business enterprise is capable of the display screen; background takes a look at and teaches their team of workers with right regulations, techniques and organizational core values with the intention to give your puppy with the fine care possible.

A Professional has Workman’s Compensation

Do you recognize the importance of Workman’s Compensation and how a dog Walker or puppy sitter’s damage may want to affect you?   An expert dog on foot or puppy sitting company ensures that each in their body of workers is properly covered with Workman’s Compensation so that if of an emergency, the injured workforce can acquire proper hospital treatment.

A Professional Can Provide References and Testimonials

You should not dig difficult for references and testimonials from the agency.  An expert has to be able to offer you with references from contemporary and previous clients.  They need to additionally be able to give you diverse testimonials.  Perhaps you can discover them on Yelp! Facebook, Google+ or maybe their very own internet site.

A Professional Communicates with their Customers

You should not need to wonder whether or no not your puppy changed into cared for properly.  Trusty Tails Pet Care makes use of Precise Pet Care for all scheduling and communications between sitter and consumer.  Trusty Tails staff is a ready era that gives you with a proven GPS map of the walker/sister’s arrival and departure.  A professional commercial enterprise has to additionally have clear commercial enterprise hours, answer the telephone and reply to an email in your emails in a well-timed way.

A Professional Has a Backup Plan

Let’s face it, things show up.  Blizzards seem. People get ill.  Public transportation can be behind schedule.  An automobile can destroy down.  Relatives pass away.  An expert dog walker or pet sitter has a plan in place when these things appear so your pet gets the right care she desires and your dog nonetheless gets his walk on time.

A Professional Offers Excellent Customer Service

An expert pet care employer is there to help and make your life less difficult and your puppy’s life happier when you could not be there.

A Professional Pays Taxes to the State and Federal Government

Let’s face it, no one likes to pay taxes, but a professional dog walker does things “at the file”, has an EIN measure and will pay their taxes responsibly to the ‘massive man’ similar to every other valid commercial enterprise.

A Professional is Responsible and has a True Passion for Animals

And after, we will neglect the significance of obligation and the affection of animals.  A Professional has a Proven Track Record of Responsibility.  How long have they been in a commercial enterprise? The Rate for pet sitting in Singapore is nicely established and has demonstrated their real love of animals.


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