Everything we need to know about foot orthotics

Dealing with foot or heel pain is difficult. Finding information about our options for healing and pain relief should not be!

At heel that pain, we live and breathe orthotics. But we know that many of our customers, especially those who are just learning about plantar fasciitis for the first time, have a lot of questions about what orthotics are, how they can help plantar fasciitis, how to choose the right option, and when it is time to consider orthotics.

So, without further ado, here is everything we ever wanted to know about orthotic insoles in Singapore!

What is foot orthotics?

Put simply, orthotics are non-prescription inserts designed to sit inside our shoe and support our heel and feet. They can provide support, cushioning, and help prevent or relieve symptoms from a variety of disorders like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and tendonitis.

Many people choose slip-in orthotics as an alternative to orthotic shoes. Not only are orthotic shoes quite expensive, but they are often heavy and come in limited style options.

Plantar fasciitis and orthotics

One of the most common reasons people consider foot orthotics is plantar fasciitis. This condition, which is caused by stress, lack of support, and damage to the plantar fascia can make walking and other activities very painful.

Orthotics can be an important part of the equation in healing since they provide additional support by stabilizing the heel, supporting the arch of our foot, absorbing shock, reducing the pressure to our heel, cushioning inflamed and stressed ligaments in our foot, and allowing us to heal.

When to consider orthotics?

All too often, people endure pain far longer than they should–especially in the beginning, if the pain is happening intermittently or “is not too bad.” However, taking charge of our health and addressing these symptoms early is critical to keep symptoms from getting worse, and to reduce the amount of time it takes to heal. We should also be aware that when we are dealing with a chronic foot or heel pain, we may start to notice pain in our hips, back, or neck over time, as our body attempts to compensate for the pain we are feeling in our feet.

It is also a good time to consider orthotics if we have not dealt with pain yet but we love participating in high-impact sports like running, basketball, or football. If we have experienced sudden weight gain (especially from pregnancy) and our feet are dealing with extra stress and impact, orthotics is a great choice.

Whether we have just recently noticed pain in our heels or feet, or we have been dealing with chronic pain from plantar fasciitis, now is the right time to start healing or head off symptoms from developing.

Which type of orthotic is right for us?

Heel seats: This is our classic orthotic insert. It uses acupressure to relieve pain while supporting our foot. If we have average arches (not especially high or low), this is the insert for us.

Gel heel seats: This insert is similar to the classic heel seat, except it is made out of the gel. If we have extra sensitive feet, it is a great choice.

Full-length heel seats with arch support: Do we have high arches? These full-length inserts are designed especially for us and support high arches. Full-length heel seats with arch support are also great if we experience most of our pain in the arch of the foot. For more details about comfortable shoes in Singapore click here.


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