Advantages and disadvantages of wearing baju kurung


The first advantage is it can be worn anytime and anywhere. Baju kurung is a traditional two-piece dress worn by Malay women. It covers the whole body, exposing the face and hands only which abides the Islamic dress code. For the Muslim, a head-dress is also worn. It can also be worn as casual wear at home, as school uniform at study centers, as office attire at workplaces or as a formal dress at public functions. Secondly, it has a variety of fashion and materials to suit the wearers. Nowadays, it has become more popular to girls and women of other ethnic groups namely the Chinese, Indian and another native who favor appearing simple, elegant, presentable and modest. Baju kurung comes in a variety of fashion, namely the ‘Baju Kurung Labuh’, ‘Baju Kurung Moden’, ‘Baju Kurung Pesak Gantung’, ‘Baju Kurung Pahang’, ‘Baju Kurung Kedah’ and ‘Baju Kurung Riau’. The materials can be made of cotton, silk, brocade or velvet.

Thirdly is it helps to inculcate national identity. The wearing of baju kurung can help Malaysians to inculcate national identity among multi-ethnics in this country and unity. Unity is importance because unity means strength.

Next, it gives women more feminine looks. Baju kurung brings about a more feminine looks to women. Hence, more desirable and gain more respect from men to see the modest looks of women dress as oppose to tight fitting dresses. And lastly is, it is suitable for women of all ages and sizes. Baju kurung suits women of all ages and sizes. This is because the dress is loose and appears modest.


Normally, the fabric used for ‘baju kurung’ is chosen base on comfort, wrinkle free and its ability to absorb sweat. This is because the fabric used for baju kurung are normally made the one who wears it feels hot as it does not allow the air to enter and not comfortable for the user and it does not absorb sweat. By the name itself, ‘baju kurung’ normally constrict freedom of movement even though there are some baju kurung which are fashioned to give more freedom of movement like baju kurung Pahang, baju kurung Kedah, baju kurung Cekak Musang, baju kurung Riau and modern ‘baju kurung’.

Besides that, ‘baju kurung’ has a very limited in terms of style and fashion. Although there are several types of baju kurung like baju kurung Pahang, baju kurung Kedah, baju kurung Cekak Musang, baju kurung Riau and modern baju kurung, but the basic form of baju kurung is still preserved. The modern fabric such as lining and lace used for ‘baju kurung’ is usually thinner than cotton and is easily torn and it easier for the modern fabric to tear apart. The modern fabric also thinner compare to the other fabric used for baju kurung and it is very hard to make it flat and smooth using and iron especially after they have been washed. This fabric is usually very hard to iron because it is very thinner than cotton. Therefore, ‘baju kurung’ is not worn for activities which demand agility of movement which involve running and jumping. Wearing ‘baju kurung’ will make it hard to walk and move around because ‘baju kurung’ normally constrict freedom of movement compare to cotton. Women who wear baju kurung should walk and move slowly. To read more about muslimah dresses in Singapore click here.

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